Creating Stylish and Sophisticated Interiors

for residences in San Francisco Bay Area, CA and Beyond.

With so much artistic influence to draw upon in todays world, narrowing down and going forward with the right team is key to the success of your endeavor. Our firm has been designing and collaborating on one-ofa-kind projects for over 30 years.

We have vast experience from the initial phase, working with talented architects, on thru the actual constructing phase with equally talented builders. Thus we have acquired a very good understanding of what can
actually be accomplished relative to the concept and the process.

Our forte has always been the ability to add elements of character and distinction that are so easily overlooked.


From something authentic from a specific or adapted historic period, to a very modern element of texture and artistic creation… designing something very one-of-a-kind…giving our clients
something highly unique to live and love for years.


We love to enhance our clients understanding of the design possibilities. Help them get excited,
then trust and let go for us to perform the necessary work. Ultimately we want the home to reflect them and their unique personalities.

CLient Features

Why Work With Us?



We absolutely love quality in all we create. So often what makes or breaks the long-term life of design… is the quality. When corners are cut and unequal attempts are made, they are often
what dates a project.


We want quality to harmonize with the look, feel and performance of all we create



We are a full-scope design salon…. Meaning we do architectural drawings, detailing and specifications for all items attached to the home.


We also provide development, purchasing, and installing of all furnishings.



We want to create designs that complement our clients as individuals and reflect their personalities and tastes. This is actually one of the most fulfilling parts of our design process.


We love the experience of getting to know them and helping them determine their goals and giving them creative outcomes.

About The Designer

An interior designer is only as good as their ability to understand their client’s personality, tastes and desires.

We believe our projects must meet the demands of our clients’ lifestyles while invoking a feeling that represents who they are.

A key part of this process is getting to know our clients individually, and developing a concept that reflects not only who they are day-to-day, but other pertinent factors of the project, such as timeline, budget and overall concerns.

We believe in building a relationship of trust and having a positive, yet professional experience throughout the project.

As artistic people, we live to create timeless and sophisticated homes for our clients. We want the end results to magnify their tastes in style and allow them to shine in their spaces.

~Lynnette Reid

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