About Lynnette Reid Design

Meet Lynnette Reid

Founder and Lead Designer

Although Lynnette Reid is a San Francisco bay area based Interior designer, her projects take her all over.., from the beaches of Carmel to the beaches of Hawaii and even Florida… and in between. Having originally studied architecture before completing her studies in Interior Design… her love for the building process is part of her design process. Often going beyond the typical scope of construction, she creates details that become a signature to her work.

Projects often include her starting in the earliest phase of a project. Most times in the very initial phase as the architect develops planning. This allows her to input on the ideas that will ultimately plan into her interior concepts. Some projects start with existing homes that require a new look and feel. She very capably turns those existing homes into something much more. Understanding what makes a space encapsulate warmth and comfort is something seen in all her work from very Modern… to transitional…and ultimately in her very traditional works as well.

She loves the ever-changing designs of today’s artistic influences seen in all forms of work, and when appropriate, brings these into her design creations. She equally loves all periods of history and the designs that came from those periods.… often drawing on the past to inspire authentic detailing. Having the opportunity to work with so many custom workshops she is able to fully manage the complex level of details she develops…thus seeing all the designs come to full fruition. Having spent the last 35 years immersed in all elements of the design world she is enthusiastic and well versed in all the possibilities.

An interior designer is only as good as their ability to understand their client’s personality, tastes and desires.

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Meet Colby RICHEY


Colby Richey has been a part of our team since 2010. She brings vast experience in accounting and business management. Behind the scenes she manages and oversees the cost estimates of all our custom designed furnishings, comparative bidding, proposals and tracking. Helping back up the design process and coordinate architectural project details, she is the balance needed dealing with creatives and artisans. Ultimately she works directly with our clients in all money matters. Colby is well respected amongst our industry peers for her thorough organizational skills and business integrity.