Atherton, California

Entrusted with the task of creating a home that stands the test of time, our collaboration with the client aimed to forge eye-catching yet subtly connected rooms throughout the expansive 8,000 square feet home. Inspired by the client’s appreciation for both the grandeur of the past and the evolving influences of emerging artists, we meticulously crafted architectural and finishing details to harmonize these contrasting elements. 


Our theme took root in the enduring elegance of white marble floors, a staple in European homes. Moving through the various spaces, the pervasive use of crisp white creates a unifying thread, complemented by subtle accents of black, hints of gold, and distinct thematic touches in each room.


Whether it’s intricate ceiling details, comfortable furniture, sleek cabinets, interesting tile patterns, or custom wallpapers, each space has its own character, adding an element of surprise.


The exterior pays homage to Mediterranean aesthetics, a style distinct to the California Bay Area, yet we introduced moldings and shapes exclusive to this property. These unique elements manifest in details such as columns, fountains, and garden gates.


Given the extensive nature of this project, only a select few photographs are included in this portfolio. For additional images, please feel free to reach out to us.