Interior Design Portfolio Gallery

Unlike many interior designers in the San Francisco Bay Area, the majority of our interior design projects are ground-up, meaning we begin working with our client along with the architect and builder in the planning stages, and see it through to completion. Lynnette’s architecture experience allows her to contribute very early in the design phase creating harmony between the home concept, design and construction, the interior design furnishings, finish work inside and outside and the use of light, textures and building materials.

Interior Design Process

As important as choosing the right designer, selecting a builder that can execute the vision we create together is so important. There is a difference between builders, and I’m always happy to help select partners in the construction phase that can not only do what we spec out for the home, but can contribute insights and cost savings along the way.

One of my favorite contributions to the design of a new or remodeled home is creating the drawings and specifications for custom work in the home, from custom cabinetry, mantles and door frames to light fixtures, fireplaces and flooring.

Our interior design portfolio consists of projects throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, showing a range of engagements, from ground-up design work with the architect, to staging and decorating. For more examples, please see our Case Studies.