los gatos hills

Los Gatos

Los Gatos Hills Interior Design

A stunning home overlooking Silicone Valley, LRID was hired to develop the architectural details as well as the interior furnishings.


Working with various craftsmen in wood, iron, and stone, we created an endless amount of custom architecture elements seen throughout the home. From carved doors and cabinets, to embellished beams, tiles, railings and hand cut stone floors. The home is further anchored with a 16th century Italian marble mantle set against the specified stone walls and iron windows. Lastly, a layer of modern artisan pieces in wonderful materials of horn, bronze, and glass are seen in the light fixtures. 


The interiors were made to enhance all the textures with an eclectic combination of clean lines and antiques. Ultimately creating a casual space to gather with the family in everyday living while remaining sophisticated and timeless.


The outdoor terrace is an extension of the great room and kitchen to host warm fire and views.


We designed the home to have none of the typical dated details for trending styles, to truly last the test of time.