Pebble Beach


Overlooking the renowned Pebble Beach “Stillwater Cove” This home was entirely gutted and redesigned to capture the color palette that so often varies with the colors of the ocean seen thru all the picture windows. We developed a pallet of blue-grays to bleached sands. Our client travels the world regularly and acquired pieces from private collections and museums. Thus, we wanted to design a space that would showcase their collection, while being both elegant and understated. At the same time, keeping in mind the many gatherings they entertained. Seen in photos are rare tapestries, paintings, French bronzes, and even the famous 19th-century sculptures L’ Amour A La Folie by Jean Baptiste Carpeaux.


The semi-modern/transitional elements like the glass railings, powder bath, and theater allow the home to remain somewhat casual relating to the exterior requirements of the coastal ranch-approved styles.

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