Soft Tuscan


Saratoga Soft Tuscan Interior Design

This 1970s California ranch-style home in the hills of Saratoga was a complete exterior and interior remodel, going from a common single-story ranch structure to a soft Tuscan look, creating a home with livable outdoor spaces and plenty of room for entertaining. Some significant structural changes were made, including raising the roof and ceilings, plus adding wood beams and stone mantles for starters. We significantly changed the overall house, including all interior details, and then customized all the furnishings to work perfectly in scale and palette. These clients are avid cooks and sports enthusiasts who often host huge events in their homes and gardens. To handle the overflow of guests, we added an exterior cottage to the yard, complete with a pizza oven, kitchen, and outdoor living area. This project is a great example of how we can work at an architectural level to create something truly custom and unique, either from scratch or from an existing structure. We pride ourselves on designing side by side with architects and builders while creating something our client truly loves, not just something that looks good in photos.

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